Falling Star

February 18, 2023 0 By Geraldine Choo

I saw a star fall
from its place in the night –
it did not land in a violent crash
but with such grace
that I was impressed for I do not
trust things that plummet,
too often they have misjudged their capabilities only
to make an utter fool of themselves.
But here was the star,
that fell
on a quiet night,
without a sound – I wondered
why it had fallen for I had not witnessed one
fall before.
Now what does it mean when a star falls?
Is it a sign? Of the end
of its reign,
or the beginning
of greater things to come?
For stars do not fall for no reason –
perhaps someone had
known that I had been lonely for
too long, and given the skies
a shake –
and so, the star that hung like a thread cascaded
down, down and down
to stay with me in quiet company –
company that does not condemn but
fills silences with overflowing peace,
an eternal present.
In a moment where the past ceases
to begrudge,
the future ceases to haunt,
and I am free to fall,
confident that I would land on grass,
a miracle.

John 3:16
Jeremiah 29:11