You’re Never Too Little

February 18, 2023 0 By Geraldine Choo

You’re never too little to matter
or too much to handle,
never too young to have a voice
or too old to be heard.
You’re stronger than you think,
your feelings don’t make you weak
or silly like a clown –
but as wise as a wizard
brave enough to weather the blizzards,
never surrendering to fear
even when times change
and it’s tough to stay true.
Never forget that
life will always illuminate the
darkest nights and
hope shall not fail you
as long as you try.
So love with all your heart,
mould your mind into shape,
embrace the seasons,
let go of what you’ve outgrown.

Love the life that you have.
Live a life that you love.

Dedicated to the students whom I once taught.