July 31, 2020 0 By Geraldine Choo

With unsteady wings,
she fights to
persist through the seasons,
outlive turbulent moods,
to remember that what has gone
never returns –
the same way
a root grows in place of a
decapitated one,
flowers never shed a petal twice, the
seeds that she carries, travel
far and wide,
landing on fresh soil.
She resists turning around,
setting her gaze on what lies ahead.
Hasn’t her wisdom fed her
well? She puffs out her chest and
spreads her wings,
her feathers a cheery yellow,
her bones strong yet light,
she decides to sail with the wind,
even if the
end isn’t what she hoped for.
Her seeds will grow into flowers,
her feelings will settle like leaves,
and when memories rain down,
she’ll choose to persist.