Tea Party

March 25, 2019 0 By Geraldine Choo

One day, I will have a tea party with my monsters. We will talk about the old days over scones and cupcakes. Oh, how we squabbled! Played the tug-of-war. We were hell-bent on winning.

Perhaps all that rivalry helped me to know you a little better. You’d wanted to be friends. You knew I needed them, but you didn’t know how to be one. Perhaps you had craved for my companionship too. But I was always wary. I couldn’t let loose.

One day, I will be brave enough to let down my guard. I’ll invite you to a tea party. We’ll open up our hearts. We’ll have a good laugh over our past.

Soon it’ll be time for you to leave. My nose will tingle, but I’ll let you go. You’ll notice my sadness, just like you always do.

And you’ll say, “Don’t you worry, child. You have already found a friend – in you.”